We're the automated crypto-currency trading platform that brings you time, freedom and fun.

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A means to make a lot of money . So you won't have to watch all the time.

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Funguana's bot makes money even in bear markets.

Sleek Interface

We made the bot as easy to use as possible. So you only have to choose your coin.


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Why Would You Open The Trading Algorithm?

Normally the question comes up. "If you're trading algorithm is profitable, why don't you just lock it up and profit from it." We say that opening access has nothing to do with us making money. Just like large modern dot-com companies saw that people should have access to better information and services, we saw that there was a need in the world to give access to an ever improving bot, so people wouldn't have to worry about researching cryptocurrencies. We believe people should live freer lives, and we see people needed an easier entry into cryptocurrency. Funguana Inc offers to give that

How Do We Know You Wont Hack Our Account?

Realizing that we're in the industry of becoming trustless, it was hard thinking about how to build a product like this. If we took money from people like Bitconnect once did, we would have a huge problem with managing people's funds and an exit scam through board member conflict or regulation would be very possible. The only modern trustworthy options available, one that doesn't allow us to walk away with people's funds, is to use API keys.Otherwise we'd have to integrate with exchanges, which we don't have the capacity to do.

Even still that requires some degree of trust. You have to trust that we wont manipulate the market with your funds. Part of it is built overtime, though we decided to do the following:

  1. Post the trades we made to the blockchain (Ethereum) 5 hours after making them. We'll use an oracle system to place that data inside, then have open-source software that would allow outside parties to check the discrepancies between our trades and the movement of the market.
  2. Slowly move the infrastructure to the blockchain. Since projects like Streamr and Golem aren't mature enough to process real-time market data and decisions, this will happen over time. Assuming Funguana grows a lot over time, we'll be able to invest into open-source research projects for these initiatives. That will allow the trust-less nature of the blockchain to bloom.

Why Haven't You Launched Yet?

Security, and optimizing for scale. What we realized is that a lot of people are interested in this application. All the same, we'll be a prime target for hackers when we launch. For that reason, we've decided to not launch haphazardly. If we launch towards too many people without testing every possible vector of security, our weaknesses will be exposed, and people could have their exchange keys stolen. We want to prevent that if possible.

We'll start with a small closed beta then strategically increase the number of users. After we've confirmed some test at various scales, we'll quickly be able to increase the number of users.